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Filipino and Dog Brothers Martial arts

We now have 2 new classes on our schedule. Come in Tuesday night at 7pm for our Filipino Arts class or Thursday night at 7pm for our Dog Brothers Martial arts class.  All levels are welcome as almost everyone trying the class is a beginner.

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)–

Filipino Martial Arts is a broad term for the fighting systems from the Philippines, which include both empty hand & blade/stick fighting.  FMA blade/stick fighting is generally known as Eskrima/Arnis/Kali and employs a variety of weapons, including Rattan sticks & knives.  FMA’s are known for their development of hand-eye coordination, evasive maneuvers & their practical applications.  Forms of FMA are commonly taught to law-enforcement & military personnel. 


Head over to the Dog Brothers website for all the information you could ever need on Dog Brother’s martial arts




Dog Brothers come to the East Coast

We are now the official East Coast representatives of the Dog Brothers through Greg Brown.  Greg has full authority to teach and instruct classes that will be open to all members and classes geared just towards Military and Law Enforcement.  Exciting stuff!  For more info on the Dog Brothers, check it out:

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