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New MMA instructor

A great article about our new MMA instructor.


MMA Program

Our MMA program will be starting next Monday the 16th, Classes will be held Monday and Wednesday at 12:15pm and Tuesday evenings at 7pm..

George Birkadze will be taking over the program. He has been involved with MMA for over 15 years and over the course of his careers has many awards and accolades to show for it. He his a kyoku shin kai black belt, BJJ brown belt, and black belt instructor of Sambo. Some of his awards include 1998 Moscow Kick-Boxing Champion, Russian Army Full-Contact Kyoku Shin Kai Champion 1997, and 2010 1st Place California Open Championship. George has fought in Russia, Spain, and the United States and has a professional MMA record of 4 wins and 1 loss (3 submissions wins and one by knockout).


Holiday Hours

We hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving, The club will be open limited hours over the weekend. Check with the staff for class times.


Wednesday 11/23 6am-6pm

Thursday 11/24 (Thanksgiving) closed

Friday 11/25 8am-4pm

Saturday-Sunday  11/26-11/27 CLOSED


Beginner Boxing Classes now Tuesday and Wednesday nights

Starting November 1st we now have beginner boxing classes on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Wednesday’s class at 6pm will be an hour long class designed specifically for beginners, and will help to orient our new members into the boxing program.

Everyone is welcome, so come in and try out a free class on us


Grappler’s Quest New England Championship

Just wanted to quickly congratulate everyone that competed in this years Grappler’s Quest NE Championships. We sent 7 guys to the event and took home 9 total medals.

Here are the results, but there is a good amount missing from them. look for the Combat Sports Boston team name for all our guys that placed.

Congrats guys!


Women’s Self Defense Course

On Sunday October 2nd we are going to be having a women’s self defense course. Starts at 12pm and all are welcome.

Where: 261 Friend St. Boston. 02114

When: 12pm October 2nd

How Much: Free

The course will be taught by our BJJ instructor Phil Myers.

Phil Myers
With over 10 years of mixed martial arts experience, Phil Myers has dedicated his life to the practice and teaching of Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Phil is a Gracie Barra black belt under Roberto Maia and has taught at both Gracie Barra Boston and Gracie Barra New Hampshire. Phil has complimented his jiu-jitsu skills with extensive judo training, and competes actively at the local, national and international levels.


Spots are limited so sign up ahead of time either by calling or stopping by the front desk.

call 617-720-2422 with any questions.


Filipino and Dog Brothers Martial arts

We now have 2 new classes on our schedule. Come in Tuesday night at 7pm for our Filipino Arts class or Thursday night at 7pm for our Dog Brothers Martial arts class.  All levels are welcome as almost everyone trying the class is a beginner.

Filipino Martial Arts (FMA)–

Filipino Martial Arts is a broad term for the fighting systems from the Philippines, which include both empty hand & blade/stick fighting.  FMA blade/stick fighting is generally known as Eskrima/Arnis/Kali and employs a variety of weapons, including Rattan sticks & knives.  FMA’s are known for their development of hand-eye coordination, evasive maneuvers & their practical applications.  Forms of FMA are commonly taught to law-enforcement & military personnel. 


Head over to the Dog Brothers website for all the information you could ever need on Dog Brother’s martial arts



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